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I’ve got an outdoor: let’s party!
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I've got an outdoor: let's party!

So you were lucky enough to score a pad with a view. Or an outdoor space. Or a small, small balcony. Whatever the case, it’s time to rub that fresh air in the faces of your friends. But before you launch into full party-planning mode, keep a few simple tips in mind:

1. Ok-go. Check with your building’s manager to ensure that your rooftop is safe and secure. No party up in there without a clearance.

It's time to rub that fresh air in the faces of your friends!

2. Power up. Determine a source of electricity for tunes, lighting and device-charging.

3. Sun Down. Kickoff your party in the late afternoon or early evening. That way you and your peeps can enjoy some sun, view the sunset and an illuminated skyline.

4. Red flag. Place brightly colored markers (flags, scarves or lights) around the perimeter to provide clear visuals. Be careful around rooftop edges, especially if alcohol is involved. And we all know that alcohol is going to be involved.

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