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Eyes only for you: Proofing the home-pad for a date
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Congrats. You’ve found a potential mate and it is time to kick things off. So after the initial few dates, things will eventually lead back to your place. But if you’ve been living alone for a while, things may look a little crusty. Brush up your pad with these simple tips:

You've found a potential mate and it is time to kick things off.

Hamper: For the love of all things sacred, pick up all clothes that are strewn throughout your place. Keep your laundry in one spot. And keep that spot hidden.

Photo Op: Do a quick sweep of your photos. Remove any with the ex (and, um, why do you still display them?) or any that have you looking less-than attractive. Replace with family photos and images of you doing fun stuff, like hiking or curling. Make sure your photos portray how you want to be perceived.

Woof: You’re not the only one looking to impress. Make sure your pet is well-groomed for the initial meeting with your potential future partner. Bathe fido and brush kitty. If you boast an aquatic friend, make sure the tank is clean.

Livable: Make it clean, but keep it real. You don’t want your place to look like a museum or like you’re a freak of Mr. Clean nature. Just show that you care enough to tidy up for the other person while also making it known that you are not a sloth. Add punches of personality throughout your place so that they will want to keep coming back for more.

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