Get your desk in order!
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Get your desk in order!

You gotta look the part to impress and your desk is no exception. We’ve got the perfect solutions for making your desk look stellar to the powers-that-be.

With a giant clock/letter opener, there’s no doubt you’ll always be on time. AND you can open letters faster than all of your counterparts. Yes, you do still get letters from time-to-time. Be the guy who can open them the fastest. And, also be the guy who visits the supply closet located next to your boss’ desk for the 4 AAA batteries this thing takes – take that opportunity to give her a latte!

Aquarium + 2 frogs = responsible

Want your boss to think you’re responsible enough to take care of a pet, but don’t have time for a dog? Aquarium + 2 frogs = responsible

Your boss was born in the 70s? He doesn’t really care about the ecosystem or being green. Impress him with a faux notepad – looks like you’re writing on paper, but you’re fully paperless! Plus, the wood finish reminds him of his mom’s old station wagon!

Do you frequently arrive at a meeting and no one’s prepared to project their presentation? Be at the ready with a pocket projector and impress the top dog!

You want to stand out from the crowd, right? Then stand up! At your desk! Situating your desk with a standing arrangement means you’ll be taller than everyone around you and the head honcho will see you first when she thinks about promotions at the end of the year.

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