Slacking? Don’t get caught!
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Slacking? Don’t get caught!

Slacking? Don’t get caught!

You wanna move up? What are you doing right now? Playing on Facebook? Downloading music? That’s ok. You can still look like you’re doing something really important, even while you’re just playing around.

  • Lean WAY into your computer screen and squint inquisitively. Remember, you’re supposed to be concentrating on that spreadsheet. No one needs to know that you’re really trying to get to Level 9 in Bejeweled.
  • Put a highlighter, cap off, on top of it.

  • Open an industry magazine you know your boss reads and lay it open on your desk. Put a highlighter, cap off, on top of it. Leave it there and head to the bathroom with your Maxim or US Weekly. It’ll look like you were engrossed in that intellectual piece of garbage and had to run off to an emergency meeting.
  • Key commands are your pal, my friend! Supervisor approaching? Escape! Switch from online dating to Excel in an instant!
  • Pay an unsuspecting intern a few bucks to have meetings with you for an hour at a time. You’ll look like you’re in charge of him and supervising projects for him.
  • Open a Word document and type gibberish feverishly when anyone walks by.
  • Install a series of well-positioned mirrors to alert you to your approaching boss.
  • Visit the supply closet, which happens to be right across from the boss’ office, very frequently. Your boss will think, “Wow! She must be really busy with all of those staples and rubber bands she uses!”

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