Surviving Travel with your friends
Surviving Travel with your friends

Planning a few days out of town with the BFF? Just because they put the best in friend doesn’t mean that it’s set to be a trip of complete smooth sailing. Keep these few tried and tested tips in mind to make your adventures in fun even fun-er!

Wide Open Spaces. Choose an aisle and a window seat, but do this only if there is an empty seat in between the seats you book. This should give you both some extra room on the flight because most people will look to take any seat except the middle. If your center seat is filled, politely ask to switch spots.

Toys! Pack stuff to entertain yourself because believe us, there are going to be instances where you’re going to want to hear anyone but your friend speak. Bring your iPod, pack magazines or a book just for those times of high crisis.

You wanna walk how many blocks?! Know your friend’s comfort level and keep it in mind when planning. This goes for travel arrangements, physical aspects of the trip (like walking long distances), hotel choice, dining options etc.

Relax, have fun, enjoy each other and your new joint experiences.

Snack Attack. Travel + low blood sugar have been known to end friendships. Throw a few snack packs, nuts or energy bars into your bag and eat/share when hunger strikes.
Fun sucker. BFFs don’t always have all the same ideas of fun. A detour to see the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn may sound fabulous to you, but torturous to your friend. Plan activities that you both like or budget in some time for individual interests.

Mingle. Interact with others to ease the nonstop bonding overkill. Hit up a local watering hole, sign up for a group tour or simple talk to fellow travelers around you.

Be in the moment. Don’t spend the whole vacation texting your significant other, updating your Facebook status or looking to the next thing. Relax, have fun, enjoy each other and your new joint experiences.

Compromise. Compromise. Compromise. Laugh. Make fun of each other. Compromise.

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