Monster Bash: planning a Halloween party
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Monster Bash: planning a Halloween party
Plan a theme-tacular Halloween party

Tired of the same ho-hum Halloween parties? Dreading an event filled with wanna-be Snookies and Gagas? Well give your guests a little guidance and kick it up a notch with a specially themed bash!

Theme: Pick a unique theme and run wild with it. If you’re stumped for an idea, pick a theme from pop culture and narrow it down from there. Some suggestions to get you started: 80s Morning Cartoons, Saturday Night Live, Rejected University Mascots, Forgotten Celebrities…and the list goes on and on!

Props & Decorations: Go big when decorating for a theme party. The more obvious and cliché the décor, the better. After all, it’s going to be in the background of all of the fabulous costumes. Just have fun with it.

Food & Drink: If it’s easy to plan a menu around your theme, then go that route. If not, pull together an array of finger foods and assign each item a fun name to tie in with your theme. And the same goes for drinks. For example: 80s Morning Cartoon theme? Concoct a blue cocktail and name it after Smurfette. Serve wine out of a red bottle, such as RELAX Cool Red, and call it Papa Smurf’s Tonic. Provide an assortment of Fraggle Rocks (mixed nuts), Strawberry Shortcake and Gummi Bears.

Music: Again, take a cue from your theme. But remember to mix it up. After all, no one wants to hear an exclusive loop of 80s cartoon theme songs. To achieve the best of both worlds, sprinkle bits of your theme into a soundtrack of current tunes.

Games: A costume contest is a must. Then make sure you reward your winner with an awesome prize. And, well you know where we’re going with this – tie it in with your theme! 80s Cartoons? Why not a Transformers DVD Box Set! Saturday Night Live? Saturday Night Live Trivial Pursuit Board Game!

No matter what, just have fun with it! Your guests will appreciate you for your creative flair and attempt at an out of the ordinary Halloween gathering!

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