Unwelcome Webs: What to do when you have a bug problem
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Unwelcome Webs: What to do when you have a bug problem

Picture it: You finally arrive home after a long and stressful day of catering to your boss’s every goofy whim. You kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine and plop down on the sofa. Your DVR is chock-full of your favorite TV shows. Yes indeedy, you’ve dreamt about this moment all day long. You can feel the tension melting away. Wait, you can feel it almost a little too much. In fact, it’s a tingle on your leg. You look down and ACKKKKKK! THERE’S A HUGE SPIDER ON YOUR LEG!

Holy bug infestation! A massive spider has somehow managed to break into your sacred, tranquil compound. What to do?! Well, you know what to do to eliminate the problem short-term. We’re talking long-term here. Just follow these steps to get back to critter-free relaxation time ASAP.

– Grab a newspaper, oh wait you don’t have one of those. Grab some device with the date on it. Place it next to the bug and snap a photo. This will come in handy if your bug problem worsens and you have to contact your landlord to handle the problem. It will be your digital record of events.

– Run to your nearest hardware store to purchase a bottle of bug spray. We recommend purchasing a bottle with a trigger spray, that way you can direct the flow exactly where you need it.

– Before you get to spraying, make sure all foodstuffs, pets and plants are out of harms way.

– Spray in all the corners of the baseboards or floorboards of your house.

– Clean up. Make sure your space is tidy and dirt free. Never leave food out and always stay on top of taking out the trash. Not doing these things is like sending an open invitation to bugs.

– Contact your landlord anyway. After all, it can’t hurt to alert him or her of the problem and you don’t know what filth is lurking behind your neighbor’s wall. Find out how long it’s been since an exterminator paid a visit. If it’s been longer than two months, request an inspection and treatment.

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