To friend or not to friend?
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To friend or not to friend?

Come on, admit it. You spend 50% of your time at work on Facebook. Don’t sweat it – we won’t tell. Balancing professional with personal, you’re not quite sure how far to take it even with your co-workers, much less your boss. The day will come soon, though, when you have to decide whether to friend your boss.

No fear! It’s easy:

NEVER friend your boss, no matter what.

Let’s consider a scenario to demonstrate:

It’s 10 am and you’ve hit the mid-morning doldrums. Why not check your wall? Ah! Your college buddy just posted an invitation to a blowout this weekend.

Kneejerk! You comment, “I’m there!” before you can catch yourself.

If you’re friends with your boss, guess what just happened? She saw you messing around on Facebook at 10 am when you should have been working on the proposal for tomorrow’s huge meeting.

A second scendario:

Saturday night, out with your friends at 1 am…you’re feeling absolutely no pain. Time for some random pics with your partners in crime! And, post! You sleep through Sunday and first thing on Monday, you check your account. Augh! How’d that get on there? And you’re tagged, no less.

Good thing you’re not friends with your boss! You probably wouldn’t lose your job over what you were doing in that pic, but you’d certainly get a few sideways looks and perhaps even garner your own section of the management meeting the next day.

So, just sit tight and don’t friend that boss of your’s…no matter how tenaciously that urge hits you.

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