Watercooler guide to Madmen
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Watercooler guide to Madmen

Another season of Madmen’s about to come to a close and you’ve yet to pick up the first one. You never want to look like you’ve jumped on a bandwagon…but, in this case, you should make an exception. Everyone at work quotes Don Draper, lusts after Joan Holloway and wants Roger Sterling’s swinging lifestyle.

Rather than spend the next 48 straight hours trying to devour four seasons of Sterling Cooper brilliance, commit this short list to memory:

– Madmen takes place in Manhattan (and the burbs around it) in the 60s and revolves around a cast of people who work in the ad business. Political correctness and modern consideration have no place. Smoking and drinking do.

– Joan and Roger had/have a thing. A big thing. But, they can never seem to get it together.

– Peggy and Pete have a huge secret together. Google it. If you don’t know this secret, you don’t know Madmen.

– Don Draper chain smokes, drinks incessantly and womanizes with wreckless abandon. You want to be him or be with him. Period.

– The sets, costumes, hair, makeup and props are meticulously selected and all spot on for the time period. You’ll look like a total square if you don’t know that.

– If you REALLY want to look like you know a lot, throw out there that the show, despite its name, is written primarily by women. You just blew your co-workers’ minds.”

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