Office Halloween party? Tomorrow?!? Pull it together!
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Office Halloween party? Tomorrow?!? Pull it together!

The office Halloween party is tomorrow and you’ve been working late – you have exactly 24 short hours to pull together a banging costume. We’re here to help!

By far, the most popular costume idea this year is Lady Gaga (from the meat dress to the red lace Music Awards craziness). But, take it from us – Gaga-licious is the last thing you want to show up as to your office Halloween shindig. The idea is to impress the boss, not confound her.

Here are a few quick, easy suggestions for wowing your boss and making your co-workers envious of your creativity. Oh, and you’ll also be able to gracefully hold that glass of spooky punch!

– Scout out the closest appliance store and get yourself a large appliance box. Fashion yourself into a sweet vending machine, bank teller window, a giant iPad, a can of Spam or even a Rubix Cube! Be careful not to go too big, though – you want to be able to sip your drink without looking completely ridiculous.

– A wig tells the whole story. Think The Ring girl, Pippi Longstocking or Farrah Fawcett. Invest 20 bucks in the wig and get the rest of the costume out of your closet. It’s inventive, original and cheap!

– For the gents, a mustache is the ticket. Pair with some shades, a white blazer and a tank top and voila – instant Magnum P.I.! Or go with goofy glasses, frizzed hair and a blue coat to get the Gene Shalit look. Or consider donning a shabby flannel and messing up your coif for your take on My Name is Earl. And, if you’re more of a blonde, try a red stocking cap and go for Hulk Hogan. Fake facial hair = instant epic success.

– Same goes for the right accessory. Pick up a $3 box of cereal, a fake knife and some blood. A few quick stabs to the box, some blood drips on the front and you’ve made yourself a cereal killer! Bosses love clever puns, right? If that’s a little too much for you, find a matching red and white striped hat and some glasses and go with Where’s Waldo.

– Consider going in with an office friend and working on a tandem costume. It shows an inclination toward teamwork and office camaraderie. Bring a little sense of humor to the party here, but don’t go dirty. Try something like Great Taste and Less Filling – GT dresses to the nines and LF wears a leotard. Or maybe consider Assault and Battery – a salt shaker and a 9-volt battery. Apple’s Mac and PC commercial characters – easy pieces right out of your wardrobe (just make sure you stick together). Another easy one – Blind Leading the Blind. Both of you wear sunglasses and carry canes!

Now, get to it! You only have a few hours!

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