Fun Halloween Appetizers
Fun Halloween Appetizers

With Halloween party season here, it’s time you started thinking about Halloween snacks. Your friends are going to be dressed to the nines. Shouldn’t your food be too? Here’s a short list of some fun and easy appetizers that are sure to set the right mood.

Toasted pumpkin seeds. This one might be obvious, but heck, if you carve a pumpkin you’re going to have plenty of them lying around. Lay the seeds out on a lightly oiled cookie sheet, sprinkle on some salt and a little cumin. Roast in a 400-degree oven for 10-20 minutes until lightly browned.

Cheese straw witch fingers. Cheese straw recipes are all over the web. The dough is easily molded into finger-like shapes. Tip each one with a sliced almond “fingernail” before baking.

Cream cheese and salsa “brain.” Scooped into a shallow bowl and chilled, cream cheese can be turned out onto a platter and sculpted with an index finger into a surprisingly realistic brain. Pour a jar of salsa all around for the full effect and surround it with chips.

Radish and olive eyeballs. Stuffed cocktail olives have no end of uses when it comes to creating eyeball effects. Peel a large radish, scoop out a depression with a melon baller and insert an olive in the hole. Perfecto!

Pigs in Blankets Mummies. Sliced into thin strips, crescent roll dough can be wrapped around frankfurters for a great mummy look. Two small dabs of ketchup or yellow mustard make nice eyes.

Spinach dip graveyard. Simply serve the dip on a broad, shallow platter. Crackers and/or trimmed pieces of toast make excellent headstones. Boo-tiful!

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