Chill Out This Fall: Relaxing vacay ideas
Chill Out This Fall: Relaxing vacay ideas

Fall can be a hectic time of year – heart stopping football games, countless holiday parties and family time. Lots and lots of family time. Eh. Maybe you should consider a little time away from it all. Not convinced? Well, we think that a quick and chill fall vacay would add a much-needed pep to your holiday step. There ya go, now you’re envisioning a fall getaway.

Take a Deep Breath: Take a trip to a fabulous yet inexpensive spa. Yes, they do exist. You just have to check around and do a little research. A lot of spas are offering deep discounts right now thanks to a lax vacation market. Depending on your location, check out the Breakwater Inn & Spa (Kennebunkport, ME), Glen Ivy Spa Corona (Corona, CA) or The Heartland Spa Fitness, Health Spa and Retreat (Gilman, IL).

Bond with Nature: Get out of the city and catch some fresh air. Chances are high that you don’t have to go too far to reach one. In fact, your nearest state park is often less than a few hours away. If you’re really lucky, a national park is within a one-day drive. Cabin rentals are usually dirt-cheap, but make sure to call ahead or book your reservations online. Because they are so popular, cabins often book up fast! If you’re feeling really adventurous, rent or purchase a tent to sleep out amongst the stars.

Seek Some Thrills: This recommendation is a little on the unconventional side for a “relaxing” getaway, but theme parks can make for an excellent de-stresser. The key is to visit at the right time of year, that time being when kids are in school. Before you set a definite vacation date, check the park’s schedule because operating seasons tend to vary by location. But as long as you plan your visit during a time that doesn’t coincide with a major holiday, you should be good to go. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the short lines and possible discounts. For maximum tension release, make sure you scream your lungs out on the most thrilling rides.

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