Avoid The Bulk: how to pack for winter travels
Avoid The Bulk: how to pack for winter travels

Let’s face it, packing for travel is the worst part of getting-away. Add in the bulk of winter apparel, and the act can become downright nightmarish. But don’t fret if you hate winter packing, for you are not alone. Even the most seasoned of travelers often dread the experience. But c’mon now, you’re off to get-away so it’s really not THAT bad. Just keep a few simple things in mind while packing for travel in the winter and you’ll be good to go in no time flat.

Bag restrictions
Check your airline’s bag restrictions ahead of time to find out your true limit before you start. If your airline doesn’t charge for a bag or two, then the process will be a lot easier. If it does, and it probably does, you will want to keep things extra streamlined to avoid excessive bag fees.

Bulky sweaters can eat a lot of space in your bag. You can avoid this by packing thinner items that can be layered on for wear. If your destination is frigid and sweaters are a must, keep it to two but make them neutral in color. You’ll be able to wear them several times over but still keep the look fresh by simply changing the color of the layer underneath. Thin scarfs are also an easy way to change your look without adding a lot to your luggage.

Or carry-on your bulkiest of items. We’re thinking boots and coats.

Ship Away
If you’re headed somewhere for an extended stay, consider shipping items to your final destination. This really works well if you’re traveling during the holidays and with gifts. Call up your favorite shipping carrier and do the math, chances are it’ll be cheaper and easier than checking several large bags at the airport!

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