Dress for Work in Chilly Temps
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Dress for Work in Chilly Temps

You’re probably just like us – your first inclination when the temperatures turn a little chillier is to put on your flannels and cozy up at home. But, you gotta go to work, right? No reason to sacrifice style and grace for this silly thing we all know as weather.

We’ve got just a few tips for both the ladies and the guys as the winter willies approach!

Ladies, invest in 3 items:

A scarf. A long and wide one. Fold it in half longways so you’ve got a loop. Feed the raw ends back through the loop and lay the scarf around your neck. The layers will keep you warm all over! Once you arrive at work, unwrap the scarf from your neck and unfold it completely. Now, you have a nice wrap for your shoulders to keep you warm in the office. If you get cold at your desk, lay it over your legs. Easy as pie!

Boots. They should come to the bottom of your knee – no lower, no higher. These will help with any precipitation that falls to the ground, as well as allow you to wear skirts throughout the winter without freezing your gams off! We prefer black or brown because they go with anything.

Leggings. Get a pair in every color. If you layer a long sleeve tissue tee and leggings under a nice winter dress, you’re still en vogue, but also office appropriate.

Gents, you need 4 items:

Heavy wool socks. You wear pants every day anyway, so no one’s going to be able to tell how thick your socks are. Get ‘em. In every color and pattern.

Argyle or cashmere sweater. This is such a versatile piece – you can wear it under a sportcoat, with a solid-colored suit, on its own with khaki’s on casual Friday.

A scarf. Yours can be shorter and thinner than the lady’s version in this entry. All you need to cover is your neck on the way to work. But, if you invest a little and get an attractive scarf, you can also pull off wearing it around the office as a fashion statement! Alpaca is soft and warm; and, for the greener gentleman, try bamboo.

A hat. No, not a stocking cap. Those are for sledding and holiday tree shopping. We’re talking about a houndstooth or tweed ivy cap. Or perhaps even a sweet Fedora if you’re daring – we see these making a comeback very soon.

There you have it! Stay warm and stylish!

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