Make Ma Proud: How to set a table
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Make Ma Proud: How to set a table

Whether you’re going to be hosting your own holiday dinner this year or going to a family member’s house, it is always good to know proper dinner party etiquette. And nothing screams “proper” about a big dinner party like the correct table setting. Learn how to set one correctly and make your mom proud. As an added bonus, you’ll know exactly what to do the next time your boss asks you out for a fancy company lunch. Promotion, anyone?

Proper Table Setting

Top Row, Left to Right
– Bread plate and butter knife (top left of dinner plate)
– Water glass
– Wine glass

Bottom Row, Left to Right
– Salad fork
– Dinner fork
– Dinner plate with salad and/or soup bowl on top
– Knife
– Small spoon
– Soup spoon

Always remember: forks on the left, spoons and knives on the right. They should be placed in the order that they will be used. Knife blades should be turned toward the plate. Bring out dessert utensils when serving.

It’s up to you where you set the napkins. For a fancy setting, place in the water glass or fold on the dinner plate. If you’re feeling not so fancy, place it beside the flatware on the left.

Creativity is important to an appealing table setting, so get down the basics then add your own touches! A centerpiece can make a table setting, but keep it low so that your guests will be able to converse across the table.

Make sure to get an accurate count of how many people you will be serving beforehand so that no one will be left eating off of paper plates and drinking out of plastic cups. You’re well beyond the college phase, remember?

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