Make your Twitter account a source of envy
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Make your Twitter account a source of envy

You really want to move up that corporate chain, right? And you’re doing a decent job at the office, during normal business hours…but, don’t be fooled into thinking the off-hours don’t count too. Wouldn’t it be great to get a leg up on the competition and use after hours measures to get in front of your boss?

No, we’re not suggesting stalking. We’re talking about Twitter!

You’re probably signed up and may even be tweeting already, but your tune should be one of “thought” leader versus “woohoo, I’m drunk” leader. The objective is to look smart, informed and driven – you’re working after hours, theoretically.

Little hint on this one – use a tool like Hootsuite (yes, it’s free) that will allow you to set up tweets to go out at a later date and time. Translation: it looks like you’re home studying up for work at 11 pm when you’re really out at a show with your pals. Next morning = pat on the back from the big boss. And bam! Promotion. That just happened.

You may be asking yourself “What do I tweet about?” Good question. Glad you’re thinking ahead rather than just jumping in head first without noticing the water’s only three feet deep. Look for industry-specific trade publications, blog entries, tweets and posts. Every industry has ‘em, so don’t try to kid us. Google is your best friend here, not just for its traditional search, but also for it’s Alerts product. Set it up so you will be notified when anything is posted on the Internet about your industry.

Check out news aggregator services like Alltop that allow you to set up custom alerts based on your areas of interest. You’d be surprised how easy it is to use other people’s hard work to your advantage!

Good luck and let us know when you get that promotion!

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