Not so jolly holiday: How to survive holiday travel
Not so jolly holiday: How to survive holiday travel

Holiday travel can be a pain in the you-know-what. Traffic, long lines, delayed flights and rude travelers can spell a travel nightmare. Heck, even the most well-traveled of us all can lose our cool. But there are a few things that you can do to help avoid such a situation. So before your holidays travels, keep these ideas in mind:

– Take a deep breath and count to five when you feel yourself getting worked up. Getting angry will not get you to your destination any quicker.

– Pack entertaining goodies in your carry on. iPads, e-readers or actual books can act as good distractions while waiting.

– Lugging your presents around will make holiday travel more stressful and luckily there is an easy remedy – simply ship your gifts ahead of time!

– Pack a charger in your carry-on so you can keep the power flowing on all your devices.

– Pack easy to eat snacks. Fruit snacks and granola bars are excellent options and will stave off any hunger that occurs during delays. It’ll also save you a few bucks (and calories!) at the airport or rest stops. If you find yourself seated next to a super chatty traveler, offer them your chewiest of snack bars. It’ll shut them up QUICK.

– Before you leave, check with your airline for luggage fees. This will eliminate any stressful surprises at the airport check-in.

– Check out the TSA’s ever-changing guidelines well before you arrive at the airport. Their tips can help you get through the security lines faster and ensure that you leave with everything you came with.

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