Roof, Meow. Flying With Fido & Kitty
Roof, Meow. Flying With Fido & Kitty

There’s a fine line between pet owners: those who travel long-distances with their pets and those who don’t. If you’re on the “don’t” side but wondering how to get to the “do”, take a look at our air travel with small pets pointers to see if it’s doable for you!

Where your pet travels on a plane is primarily determined by size. As always, check with your airline ahead of time for restrictions. No matter where they go, either with you in the cabin or as checked luggage in cargo, your pet will need to be contained. Large pet supply stores carry both soft-sided (cabin) and hard-sided (cargo) kennels approved for air travel. When choosing a size, make sure your pet can comfortably stand, sit, turn around and lie down throughout the flight. Most airlines will also sell kennels at the counter but check with them first to arrange the purchase.

General air travel tips to keep in mind:

– Make advanced arrangements with the airline when making your own reservations.

– Have your pet’s leash and collar easily accessible but do not take the pet out of the kennel inside the airport.

– Make sure your pet and kennel have identification tags with your pet’s name, home address and phone number.

– Never use a muzzle on your pet during travel.

– Don’t sedate your pet for a flight. High altitudes and sedatives are a dangerous combination and should not be mixed.

– Familiarize your pet with the kennel prior to the trip so that it is comfortable at travel time. Dogs tend to travel better if they sleep in the kennel beforehand.

– Put a rug or towel in the kennel to keep them warm.

– If there’s a special toy that your pet loves, put that in there as well.

– Take a recent photo of your pet to keep with you in case it gets lost.

And remember that airlines transport pets everyday. So just relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the journey to your destination!

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