Tailgating, Apartment-Style: throw a football gathering at home
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Tailgating, Apartment-Style: throw a football gathering at home

Nothing brings the peeps together quite like a good sporting event, especially football. So if you have a big game circled on your favorite team’s calendar, why not skip the sports bar and invite the whole crew over for a day of football fun? And, as an added bonus, tailgating at home also means that you won’t have to deal with your opponent’s annoying fans!

The Spread
Win over your entire crew by having a variety of tailgate favorites on the menu. Chips & dips, burgers, hot dogs, buffalo wings, a veggie tray, quesadillas the list goes on and on. Or you can roll with a certain theme, such as Mexican, Cajun, Cookout – you get the idea!

Please The Crowd
Make sure you have enough seating for everyone. Set aside a stack of floor pillows, extra ottomans and/or folding chairs in case you have a packed house.

Tune In
An often forgotten item, yet the most crucial, is your television. Yes, we know that you’re not actually going to “forget” your television set since it is already IN your house. But, make sure that it’s in tip top shape for viewing. Clean it, make sure all cords are secure, and for the love of all things John Madden, make sure you actually get the game!

Tag Team
If you have a backyard, plan a halftime game of tag football.

A Little Competition Never Hurt Anyone
Jazz up your party and let the competitive flags fly with some friendly wagering. Leave the dollar bills in your pockets this time though; instead, make the losers clean up after the party!

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