A Kitchen Christmas List
A Kitchen Christmas List

If you’re a cook, there’s no end of kitchen gadgets to choose from this year, from the seriously useful to the seriously goofy. Here are some of our top picks, all for twenty bucks or less.

The foodpod TM

This handy item is topping more than a few holiday lists this year, and for good reason. This stretchy silicone bag doubles as a boiler insert and strainer, keeping foods together in the pot as they cook, and making them easy to lift out.

The Egg Cuber Square Egg Press

If you’re tired of round hardboiled eggs – and let’s face it, who isn’t – the egg cuber square egg press is for you. Forget those troublesome roll-away eggs, this gadget makes stacking hard-boiled eggs on a buffet table a snap!

The Electric Sand Timer

If there’s one thing that every kitchen needs, it’s a timer. Unfortunately, the gadget world is full of overly complicated devices. Okra combines the best of the old and the best of the new into one easy-to-use and precise device.

Cut Resistant Glove

They don’t call those metal box graters “knuckle busters” for nothing. If you’re tired of bloodying your fingers every time you set out to shred a half a cup of cheese, you need a cut resistant glove. They’re machine washable and they fit either hand.

STANDZ kitchen Tools

Because food borne illnesses can easily be transferred from the countertop to your kitchen tools, STANDZ has come up with a new line of implements that stand upright on comfortable, easy-grip handles. Pretty cool.

Silicon egg Poachers

How easy are these? A little nonstick spray and an inch and a half of boiling water, and you’ve got perfectly poached eggs in minutes. Cute shapes, too.

Onion Googles

At last – the ultimate weapon for combating onion chopper cry-eye: Onion Goggles! These stylish spex can handle anything an allium bulb can dish out. A foam seal around the rims prevents vapors from attacking your sensitive ocular membranes. Available in black, red or pink.

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