Five ways to cope with screaming children on a long flight
Five ways to cope with screaming children on a long flight

You made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare, breezed through security and somehow scored a seat with no one in your aisle. You’re all ready to relax and drift off to sleepy town when WAA! WAA! Oh crud, there’s a screaming child on your four hour flight. This is code red emergency screaming, too. But this time you’re not going to get disgruntled. Nope. Why? Well luckily you’ve been keeping up with RELAXnation and you’re armed with the following ways to spring into action:

1. Drown out the noise
Invest in a good pair of noise canceling headphones and pack them for all of your long flights. And short flights. Any anytime there is the danger of a crier, really. You’ll be ready to chill out the moment anything starts to squeal.

2. Flick Away
We’re lucky to live in an age when you can load a movie onto just about anything. iPod, iPhone, Droid, DVD player – you get the idea. So pack something loaded with flicks, you know, the movie kind.

3. Tranquilize
Ok, so we’re attempting a little humor with the “tranquilize” bit, but if your flight is over six hours then you may want to bring along a sleep aid. (calm down, bucko, we’re talking the over the counter stuff) It’ll help you get some solid zzz’s and ward off jet lag too.

4. Book It
Bring along a book by your favorite author or with a very interesting subject matter. You’ll be so sucked in, you won’t have the least bit of desire to give the crying kid the stink eye.

5. Bribery
When all else fails, bribe the kid. Offer up candy, pocket sized toys or cold hard cash. Caution: this only works if the child is old enough to be bribed. Also, the parents must be desperate to get the kid to shut up (and when are they not?) If bribery isn’t quite your thing, try to play some sort of game with the kiddo. Hand puppets, silly faces – whatever you can muster up. Now that you have the situation under control, enjoy the rest of your flight!

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