Frosty Hip: Cool Holiday Decor
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Frosty Hip: Cool Holiday Decor

Hoping to decorate your place this year with a fresh and modern, yet clearly holiday, look? Well look no further, friends. Follow our handy starter’s guide to modern holiday décor and you’ll be ready for the jolly holidays in no time flat!

Gather up your old tinsel, Frosty The Snowman figurines and plastic decorations. Locate your largest trash can or bins. Dispose of it all. If your items are in good condition, donate it. C’mon, work with us here, people! We’re leaving the chintz behind!

To holiday-up the exterior of your place, hang a simple evergreen wreath and some white lights. Classic, clean, simple.

Indoors, choose a fresh color palette and stick to it throughout your decor. Look for modern interpretations of red and green then choose an accent of white, silver or gold. Or, you can buck the traditional trends with a one color palette. Look to all white, rich cranberry or even a deep icy blue.

Keep it simple. Incorporate new accessories in your chosen color palette with items you already have. When shopping for accent items, branch beyond the holiday aisles. That’s where you can often find awesome accessories in your color palette that lack the cheesy look.

Purchase pillar candles in your accent color of choice. A grouping of white, silver or gold candles can do wonders for the holiday soul.

Fill glass bowls or hurricane lanterns with simple round ornaments. Stick to all one color, two at the most.

Bring nature inside with evergreens, poinsettias and branches. Glue twigs to inexpensive mirrors or picture frames. Place a cluster of large branches in tall, clear cylinder vases secured with white rocks.

And last but certainly not least, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the festive new surroundings!

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