Holiday Work Party Behavior
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Holiday Work Party Behavior

Ah, the required holiday work party. Unless you work for a pretty special organization, you’re dreading it. Understandably so – bad food, stuffy office, junky music and drunken co-workers. In whose book is this considered fun?

You can make the most of it AND advance your cause with your boss too.

One big bottom line: NO DRINKING. It’s tempting, but don’t be that person – you know who we’re talking about. The one who needs a ride home or worse yet, sleeps on a couch in the lounge. Deflect attention of your sans-alcohol approach by ordering something rather fancy-looking like a Shirley Temple (grenadine and Sprite in a cocktail glass with a stir stick). Or a red bull with a cherry in the bottom. Same effect – looks like a cocktail, but it isn’t.

Now, you might think an alcohol embargo equals no fun. Not so much! Use this time to cozy up to the boss and get to know her a bit. Don’t just stick with your little office clique – mingle around and try to meet as many people as you can. You never know what might come of it! You could be talking to someone you barely know at the punch bowl and next thing you know – bam! Turns out that was a VP and you’re on the fast track to a promotion!

Another solution to alleviating any boredom that may occur is a game of mental Bingo. No, you don’t need a real Bingo board to play. This is all in your head, buddy. The day before the party, think of 24 things you usually see at the soiree and mentally map them on a board in your mind. Surely you’ve seen someone double dipping. Or spiking the punch. Or maybe even something a bit more risque? You have to get all 24 to win, so circulate! Keep your eyes open and play it cool – you don’t want anyone else to know what you’re doing. Give yourself a nice reward when you win – an extra holiday gift or two will do the trick! You can also partner up with an office pal to make this little game even better.

Now get out there and mingle, this year there actually IS fun to be had!

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