How To Win At Secret Santa
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How To Win At Secret Santa

Well, the powers that be approved the office Secret Santa program again this year and wham! You’ve got Kaitlyn’s name. Now you have to come up with 10 gifts to give her and figure out how to get them on her desk without her figuring out it’s you who’s been doling out the goodies.

First, the gifts. Three words: Target Dollar Bins. They have great swag that looks more expensive than it is – rolls of wrapping paper (you know Kaitlyn’s forgotten she’s gotta wrap her gifts!), cooking utensils, small boxes of chocolates…even Slinkies! You can knock out at least half of the ten there and only spend $5!

Next, hit the corner store/bodega/go-to shop for packs of candy, donuts and other small snacks. If Kaitlyn’s vegan, look for rice cakes or nuts.

And, of course, you know the final gift has to be pretty decent, right? Does Kaitlyn wear nice suits every day? Get her a gift card for dry cleaning. Is she a pop culture buff? Movie passes, my friend! Does she like music? iTunes, baby!

Now, the delivery. The obvious choice is to get there early before she arrives and put today’s gift on her desk. Can we say BUH-ORING? She’ll figure that one out on the first day. Let’s get creative!

Wait till she gets to the office and watch her put her lunch in the fridge. When she leaves the kitchen, sneak the gift into her lunch bag.

Of course, there’s the tried and true method of getting someone else to drop off a gift. But, Kaitlyn’s sly and she’ll get your name out of your delivery person with quickness. You need to go 2-3 levels deep. Ask your closest office friend to take the package to Kaitlyn’s cubicle-mate so SHE can deliver it.

Take a Fedex envelope from the mail room and work the gift into the regular desk deliveries that happen throughout the office.

And for the big reveal, make a splash! Establish a few fake Gmail addresses the night before and send her a couple of hints about your identity throughout the day. (But, keep it to a minimum. After all, you don’t want to make this TOO time consuming at work. You have a job to keep!) Make it a treasure hunt and lead her around the office to find you. She’ll love it and everyone will want you as their little Santa next year!

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