Managing the .jpeg: what to do with vacation photos
Managing the .jpeg: what to do with vacation photos

You’re home from vacation and feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. It was such a fabulous time filled with great memories and good times that you don’t want to forget. So much so, in fact, that you can’t stop looking at all of your fabulous photos. ALL of your photos. Hundreds AND hundreds of photos. So what, exactly, do you have planned for all those picts? Are you really going to them sit on your camera and die a slow death? That answer should be a resounding no. You need to enjoy those photos in other ways and make your friends and family jealous of your fantastic exploits too. Here’s how:

1. Block off a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to devote to the process. It’s freezing outside, so really, what better do you have to do? Light a fire, pour a glass of wine and get cozy with your electronics. Sundays were made for this stuff.

2. Gather up everything you used to document your trip. That means your phone, digital camera, flip etc – oh, and all of their cords. Grab your laptop while you’re at it.

3. Find the comfiest spot on your sofa. Position your gadgets within an arms reach. Position wine and TV remote nearby too.

4. Transfer all photos (and videos, if you got ‘em) into one folder on your computer’s desktop. Title the photo “Vacation Location_Date”. But that’s just our example. Really it should be along the lines of Vegas_2011 or NYC_Jan11.

5. Backup your fabulous photos. You can do this by uploading them online (Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, Photobucket, Picasa etc.) or onto an external hardrive. If you’re extra O.C.D., do both.

6. Share the highlights of your vacay on a social site. This is part #5, part rub your fabulousness in other’s faces. We recommend adding them to Facebook for both reasons.

7. Liberate your best photos from the online world. Select a few favorites for showcase. Have it transferred to a Canvas, wall cling or wallpaper – REAL wallpaper, not your desktop kind!

This is just a start, there are loads of things that you can do with your photos. The least you can do is to order the highlights printed out in an album. Make at least one to thumb through and enjoy whenever you need to getaway again. And most importantly, share them!

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