New Year’s Eve Dinner for Two
New Year's Eve Dinner for Two

Sure, you can spend your New Year’s Eve out on the town this year. Maybe one of those big expensive balls, or a crowded party at a friend’s house. But this year, maybe you’d prefer a quiet evening at home, having a simple but elegant dinner with a special someone. It’s easier, it’s less expensive and WAY more relaxing, no?

But just because you’re working on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t include a few extravagant touches to set the tone for a prosperous year to come. Here’s a menu we in the RELAXnation kitchens are sure you’ll like.

For the appetizer. Make up a simple salad of some pre-mixed greens and baby spinach leaves. Toss with some bottled vinaigrette dressing and sprinkle on a little fresh ground black pepper. Top with few slices of pear. Serve with fresh, crusty bread.

For the main course. Here’s a extravagant ingredient to make the evening festive: caviar. A little goes a long way, so buy one of those very small, 1-ounce jars. The dish goes like this: prepare two servings of a wide-noodle pasta like pappardelle or fettucine in amply salted water. Have another shallow pan of simmering water and two poached egg cups standing by. When the pasta is nearly ready, crack an egg in each cup and set them in the water to poach. Drain the pasta and place a serving on each plate. When the eggs are ready (about four minutes), turn them out of the cups, onto the pasta. Top with a spoonful of caviar and some fresh grated parmesan cheese. Serve immediately.

For the dessert. The holidays get stuffed with sweets, so what about going continental: a cheese plate? Two cheeses, ideally rich, creamy and mild, plus a few grapes and maybe some lightly salted nuts, like almonds.

For afterward. We didn’t say you couldn’t have any sweets at all, did we? A small mixed plate of some of the cookies and/or candies you’ve accumulated over the holidays plus a glass of wine taste great on the couch, while you’re watching the big ball fall in Times square.

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