Taking Your Year-End Review In Stride
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Taking Your Year-End Review In Stride

With the festivities of the holidays comes the dread of the year-end review. Hopefully you’ll at least get it out of the way before you take your time off this year!

No one likes to hear what they’ve done wrong this year, even when they’re hearing what they’ve done right too. But, you can manage to stay collected and take it all in like the pro you are.

You’ll need to prepare, though. Don’t go at this thing five minutes before you walk in the door. Look over the year and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. Have you been promoted? If not, should you be?

Make a list of the advancements you’ve made. Did you help land a big new account? Or keep your boss out of hot water for a mistake he made? Come to the meeting armed with those items just in case it gets dicey and the time you accidentally debited $500 instead of $50 comes up!

If you want to win some big points with the boss, show some extreme initiative and bring an ambitious five-year plan to the table. Don’t get crazy and say you want to be in your boss’ chair in five years, but do show that you want to grow with the company. You’re young and have great future – don’t rush it, but aim for something attainable!

If all else fails and you know it’s going to be harsh, bring a gift for your boss. Try to the lighten the mood a bit!

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