Kick off the Year Right
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Kick off the Year Right

The holidays are over and it’s the start of another year. Of course, you’ve got your resolutions and you may have even already given up on them. Even if you have given in to temptation, you may still be feeling that twinge of stress that often accompanies the diminishing euphoria of the festive season.

So, kick off the year right by managing your stress at work with just a few simple tips:

1. You can only control how you react.

Dealing with difficult people is less about changing them and more about changing how you look at them. Try your best to see the positive aspects of each person’s set of abilities. You’ll actually find yourself rocketing toward a position of leadership (and relaxation) as more and more of your colleagues respect your attitude.

2. Map it out.

What exactly is stressing you out? Take 10 minutes to yourself – you’ll probably need to get away from your cubicle-pal for a bit – and write down everything that’s bothering you. No worries about order or rank. Just let your brain flow out on the paper. You don’t even have to do anything with it. Sometimes just getting it all out helps.

3. Take a break.

Feel your heart rate increasing? Is your head pounding? When the opportunity presents itself, walk around the block. The crisp winter air will go straight to your capillaries and open you right up. You’ll find your thoughts becoming clearer and orderly.

4. Yeah, you’ve heard it 100 times: Eat right.

To reduce stress, you need to increase serotonin. Keep this short list of boosters in mind when you’re feeling pressed: popcorn, hot tea, bok choy, any nuts (unsalted please) and any source of vitamin C such as citrus fruits. (Side note: citrus will help you fight off wrinkles too!).

There you have it. Stay cool, my friend!

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