Um, thanks? Ways to Reuse Unwanted Gifts
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Um, thanks? Ways to Reuse Unwanted Gifts

With the season of gift giving now over, we’re left wondering what to do with all of the stuff that we were lucky enough to receive. And is it just us, or does it seem that the amount of re-gifting worthy gifts is increasing every year? We blame the Internet. It has given Aunt Zelda and Uncle Joe the ability to buy every dreadful thing out there. Now, we don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I mean c’mon. Face the facts. Sometimes you get a trunkful of dreadful presents and we feel it’s better to do something productive with them. We don’t want you to trash it to a landfill, or worse yet, your valuable closet space. So here are some ideas to get you thinking in an “unloading” direction:

Donate: Option number one, of course, is to pass your unused gifts on to a charity in need.

Regift: Regifting often gets a bad wrap. But rest assured, there is no shame in regifting. No shame at all. And if you have no intention of keeping a gift, don’t open the box. It’s much nicer to regift unopened things.

Exchange: If you can figure out where the gift was purchased, call the store to see if they will let you exchange it without a receipt. If you have no way of knowing where it came from, but know of a store that sells it, take it there. They might let you exchange it too.

Resell: There’s a lot of opportunity out there for reselling. Depending on what you received, start with eBay and work your way from there. If eBay doesn’t seem right, do a quick search to see if there are any specialty reseller sites for the item. We’re currently obsessed with Plastic Jungle, a place that allows you to resell gift cards.

Recycle: Put on your crafty hat if your gift is better looking than useful. To get your juices flowing, check out this awesome list of recycled gadgets.

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