Un-deck Your Halls
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Un-deck Your Halls

If you’re reading this, congratulations on surviving another holiday season. Shopping, decorating, spending extended time with extended family can really exhaust a person. So we offer an extra set of congratulations if you’ve actually managed to find the time and energy to take down all of your holiday decor. Add in a super fantastic high-five if you’ve actually found a spot to store it all. We’re pretty jealous. So for those of us who haven’t packed away all of the red and green doohickeys and thingamabobs yet, you’re not alone. But a new season will be here sooner rather than later, so let’s get packin’.

Take this opportunity to do a little pre-spring cleaning. Don’t pack any decorations that you have zero intention of reusing next year. The same goes for lights or outdoor accessories that have been damaged by winter weather. Unless you REALLY think you’re going to repair it next year. But really think it over because outdoor d├ęcor is often large and space sucking. And take advantage of any often-forgotten attic or cellar space. The little nooks and crannies that you seldom visit make the perfect spots for holiday storage.

If you don’t have the space to store everything and your things are in good condition, consider donating the items to a local school, church or neighborhood organization. Sure, they don’t need them now, but they’ll certainly appreciate the new look come next year.

Last but not least, you may want to consider renting a small storage unit. We left this as your last option because it will obviously cost you a few bucks each month, but it may be worth it. 5×5 or 6×6 spaces run from as little as $25.00 a month. They may seem like small units, but trust us, with a little finagling you can certainly cram a lot into small spaces. And as an added bonus, you’ll have a space to store extra clutter AND get a head start with your spring cleaning! Fabulous!

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