Cure for the Cold Office Blues
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Cure for the Cold Office Blues

Maybe your boss drops the thermostat down a few notches to save money. Maybe your desk sits right by a high-traffic outside door. Or maybe you just work in a drafty building. Whatever the reason, the winter months in the office can be especially tough on the cold natured, and it’s hard to relax at work when you feel like an icicle. Fortunately, we’ve got five simple ways to warm up your workspace without having to bust out the flannel.

Get a Space Heater This is a simple solution if your office allows it, and all it takes is one outlet and a few square feet. There are an incredible number of space heaters on the market, so whether you’re a green goddess, a penny pincher or the creative type, there’s a functional and fabulous heater out there to warm your toes. If your office doesn’t allow a space heater, a foot warming pad may be the way to go. These use practically no energy and can really heat up your feet, which is usually the coldest part of your body.

Drink Coffee Of course a nice, hot beverage gives you a cozy feeling, but did you know that your morning coffee or tea could physically make you warmer? Caffeine is thermogenic, meaning it can actually raise the body’s core temperature. Even an afternoon-friendly drink like a cold soda can have the same warming effect; just be sure to use a koozie to keep your hands from touching the frosty can.

Light a Candle You’d be surprised by how much heat a candle can put out, and a scent like firewood or warm laundry can give you the sensation of being back home in your toasty apartment. Of course, any time you are manning an open flame, be careful! Blow the candle out when you’re not at your desk and place papers and flammable desk effects out of the way.

Wear Long Johns Silk long johns are the way to go for the office – they fit nicely under your clothes and stay dry if you get a little too warm. An inexpensive alternative for ladies: wear footless pantyhose under your pants. Hose that go over your feet may trap sweat (making your poor feet even colder.) So if you’ve got an old dingy pair of pantyhose, cut the feet off first.

Work Out at Work Remember those tips we gave you for simple exercises to do at work? Not only can these routines burn calories, but they can also warm you up. Taking a lap around the office or doing a few desk pushups helps get your blood pumping, which can raise your temperature in a chilly office.

So the next time you catch a glimpse of your manager turning down the dial, don’t sweat it. You’ve got the tools that’ll take your workspace from snowy and miserable to snug and cozy in no time.

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