Keeping Fit at Work
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Keeping Fit at Work

As hard as you tried to avoid those holiday pounds, they are still hanging around, aren’t they? And, you’re trying to impress the boss with late hours at the office, which means you haven’t exactly made it to the gym with the vigor you put into it back on January One.

What you need is a workout regiment you can tackle right there at your desk. As long as your office mates don’t mind, put a few of these little moves into your daily repertoire and you’ll find yourself a few pounds lighter in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Take the stairs. Okay, this seems pretty obvious. If you ride the elevator to the 5th floor, you may burn 15 calories if you’re lucky (just by breathing). Walk 5 flights of stairs and you’re getting in the 50-60 range, my friend!

Desk pushups! Everybody’s got a desk. Well, if you don’t, then you’ve got bigger problems than a few holiday pounds. Stand 4 feet from your desk with your feet spread shoulder width apart. Lean forward and grasp your desk, engaging your mid-section to keep your body in a straight plank. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions at a time. If you do this 3 times a day, you’ll have a stronger core and upper body in no time.

Cut down on email. Sounds kind of funny, right? If you can get up and walk a few feet, or go a few floors up or down, to talk to a colleague about something, do it! You’ll burn nothing just sitting there typing.

Rebooting? Take advantage of the computer down time to do a few situps or take a quick walk around your floor.

Stretch…10 times a day. It’s been proven that lowering stress helps you control weight. Rotate your head around several times, roll your shoulders forward and backward, stretch your arms across your body…whatever it takes to feel loose and limber.

And, last, get an exercise partner. If there’s someone else in the office who’s as committed as you are to staying in shape, key in on them and encourage each other to get up and walk when you can. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is when you have someone watching!

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