Sweet Things To Do Around The House For Your Sweetheart
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Sweet Things To Do Around The House For Your Sweetheart

If you and your significant other live together, show them how much you love ‘em through small actions around the house. (Hey now, get your mind out of the gutter!) We mean the thoughtful and unexpected little things that you can do around your homepad to show how much you care. It’ll make your favorite feel all warm and fuzzy, and as an added bonus, so will you! So here are a few ideas to get you started – and be sure to share your ideas, too!

– DVR their favorite recordings before they can get to it. They’ll be pleasantly surprised the next time they turn on the TV. They’ll also have no excuse to rush home the next time dinner out with friends runs later than expected.

– Stock up on some of their favorite foods and drinks. If both of you are already on top of that, pick up some of their un-requested favorite items during your solo trips to the store.

– Offer to give a hand with a chore they’ve been dreading. This one needs no explainin’.

– Buy them that hot new video game that they’ve been eyeing. Board games and movies also apply. Date night in, anyone??

– Guys: buy your lady fresh flowers. But we aren’t going to leave it at them, we want you to go a few steps further. Purchase a vase (or use one around the house, if you know where that is), fill it with water and place it in the bedroom.

– Gals: get your guy’s car detailed without his knowing. There are plenty of places that will even come to your place and do it on premise. Your man will be mighty impressed with your thinking ability!

Now that we’ve got you started, begin jotting down ideas as they come to you and in no time you’ll have a slew of things to try for your mate. Consider it your “Actions Speak Louder Than Words List / You’re A Badass Significant Others List.”

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