The Random Romantic Weekend Getaway
The Random Romantic Weekend Getaway

Over the past few weeks, the RELAXnation Command Center (otherwise known as our office), has been inundated with questions about Valentine’s Day vacations. While we completely understand the appeal of a V-Day Vacay, it is a bit predictable and can feel somewhat forced, don’t ya think? Because we think.

So this year, why not throw your sweetheart for a loop and offer to whisk them away to a romantic vacation on a completely random weekend? You’ll gain bonus spontaneity points with your boo, it will feel MUCH more romantic and you won’t have to deal with hundreds of other couples wherever you decide to go! *RELAXnation Random Romantic Weekend Getaway Small Stipulation: If you’re going to offer this suggestion anytime around Valentine’s Day, you should go on vacation before the end of March. This will alleviate your partner’s hope for a blingin’ gift and make sure that you keep to your word.

Now, a romantic vacation can take place anywhere you want. After all, it’s about spending quality time with your partner, having fun and unwinding together. And if you’re in the right relationship, that can be done just about anywhere. The keys are to make the time commitment, break away from your everyday routines and steer clear of the familiar distractions.

If your budget is in a crunch, avoid major travel costs with a vacation in your city or in the next big town over. Book a hotel room downtown or within walking distance of places you’d like to explore. Then you’ll both be able to easily do the touristy things that you seldom experience. Or simply go to the movies, out to dinner and relax by the pool.

Another fun option, and staying within the random theme, is to plan a vacation to a completely unexpected city and try totally new things together. Begin brainstorming getaways by thinking about the fun things your partner is interested in but seldom has the time to do. The arts? Go to the Museum District in Houston. Outdoor activities? Snowboarding in Deluth. Cooking for fun? Take a couples cooking class in Richmond, Virginia (Virginia is for lovers, of course). See, planning the Random Romantic Weekend Getaway is really not that hard at all. Just plan experiences that you can both enjoy together and the rest will fall into place!

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