Fighting the Urge to Coast
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Fighting the Urge to Coast

Ahhh, March…Spring’s promise of warmer weather and longer days seems so close, but Old Man Winter never seems to go down without a fight. That feeling of sinking in-between seasons can make every day of the month seem like a countdown, stirring an oh-so-sweet temptation to slack off at work.

It’s relatively easy to find yourself falling into a slump this time of year, but instead of giving in to your couch, show off your initiative by taking part in a local charity or organization! Here are some of our favorites:

The American Red Cross – The American Red Cross needs a LOT of volunteers to keep up their incredible work helping families in need of immediate shelter, food and assistance. So whether you’re giving blood or giving your time, your presence is felt throughout the community when you volunteer here.

Young Professionals Association – Just about every city has one, and it’s a great way to network and meet new people in the city. You never know when a five-minute chat with a stranger could turn into a well-paying freelance project or job offer!

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Giving back in your spare time fosters an attitude of confidence and self-worth that spills over into your not-so-spare time. The child whose life you affect will notice the new you – and so will your boss.

If none of these are up your alley, consider taking your talents directly to the people. Call up an organization that you believe in and ask them how you can help. Whether you’re a designer, a programmer, an event planner or a math whiz, your professional skills are sure to be of use, and Pro-Bono work in your field is a great resume or portfolio booster.

So while your co-workers spend their March coasting, you’ll be taking a coveted step ahead of the pack. Better bring your A-game!

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