Spring Cleaning
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Spring Cleaning

Vernal equinox gotcha jonesing for fresh air? Even if the season is still a bit chilly to head out in short shorts, you can bring the outside in by freshening up su casa!

First, charge up that iPod and pump up some serious jams. By the time you’ve heard a few Andrew Bird whistles, a Freelance Whales glockenspiel and a Watson Twins harmony, your place will be spic and span!

Crank it up and dig the vacuum cleaner (or dustbuster for those studio dwellers) out of the closet! Buzz through all your rooms – carpet and hardwood. We challenge you to knock this out in under 3 songs. GO!

Wanna feel refreshed and organized in one quick Girl Talk track? Whip that closet into shape by eliminating anything you haven’t worn in at least a year and any piece that doesn’t fit. Gather all of your castoffs together and donate them – most charities even provide pick-up if you have enough junk to give them! Don’t stop with clothes. They’ll take just about anything.

Now back to the cleaning – erg, right?!? Wrong! Bring it old school with some Beasties and lemon spray it up! Dust all over your tables, headboard and shelves. Then, hit the glass (no, not literally) with some glass cleaner.

Call it a day with some tapas and a nice sangria in the sunshine on your patio!

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