Bring the Spring In
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Bring the Spring In

If we lived at the Biltmore and could look out over the gorgeous gardens there any time we wanted, there’d be no need for this little ditty. But, let’s be honest…none of us live at the Biltmore. [Well, unless you’re a member of the Vanderbilt family – and if you are, do you have a few dollars we could borrow?]

You need to bring some of that spring foliage in, right? Never fear – even if you don’t have a green digit on your bod! What you need is a healthy selection of neglect-tolerant plants, right? They have to be okay with their own devices for a day or two at a time, low light and very little conversation.

No sweat, we got you. We’ve pulled together a few selections that fit the bill.

1. All about the aloe
Aloe is super-duper easy to grow and it’s beautiful and utilitarian, to boot! It’s drought-tolerant, so you can starve it for a few days without water. And, when you’re throwing together your impromptu dinner gathering and accidentally touch the stove burner, it soothes oh-so-quickly!

2. Evergreens 4-eva!
No, not the big tall Christmas trees! Chinese evergreens! Their vibrant lime green leaves and hearty growth approach make them ideal for low-maintenance, image-conscious Mollys and Mikes alike!

3. Succulents equal success
You can’t call your indoor garden a success without at least one succulent. And the one we love is the Christmas Cactus. Colorful, impossible to dehydrate and shade-loving…this xerophyte can’t be beat.

4. Erbs. Yep, erbs.
Okay, we know it’s really herbs. But, erbs is funny. Right? If you keep them in pots, lavender and rosemary are quite resilient and aromatic. And, next time you’re a little shy on strong flavor, break off a sprig of that rosemary and toss it into your pork tenderloin sauce!

There ya have it. Go forth and [don’t] water.

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