Cool Your Décor With The Hottest Fabric Around: Linen
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Cool Your Décor With The Hottest Fabric Around: Linen

Linen – you’ve heard the word used in the name of retail stores, to describe bedding and perhaps even clothing. So big deal. Why should you care? Well, you should care because linen is the perfect summer fabric. For real, it’s wonderful during warmer months. It’s practically a proven fact, as linen goes all the way back to ancient (and very hot) Egypt. To the Egyptians, linen symbolized light, purity and wealth. But linens aren’t just for wrapping mummies. Thanks to its ease of use, refreshing texture and durable quality, linen is a wonderful fabric to use for upholstery, bedding and window treatments during the warmer months!

Crazy Absorbent
Linen absorbs up to 20 times its weight in moisture before it starts to feel damp. As a result, it quickly removes perspiration and allows the skin the breath. That’s why the fabric is absolutely perfect for bedding! We love this set from Restoration Hardware but you can also find linen sheets at countless other retailers!

Super Strength
Linen is 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton, making it one of the world’s strongest fabrics. With extreme durability, furniture upholstered in linen is made stand the test of time. We love the look and durability of these arm chairs made with vintage linen.

Fab Texture
Linen has a beautifully natural shine and soft touch to it. Its natural fibers also allow it to remain lint free, making it a great choice for window treatments. Plus, nothing says summer quite like a set of crisp linen curtains blowing in the wind!

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    Lisa W. – What a cute idea! What a great way to keep things orgeinzad but available to share with friends and guests. I love it! We are looking forward to our engagement shoot in May.April 4, 2011 5:11 pm

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