For the Kitchen – Substitutions for Common Ingredients
For the Kitchen - Substitutions for Common Ingredients

No eggs on hand? Try this!

You’re all set to host your first supper club – you have the wine, the apps and the desserts out on the island and the guests will arrive in 30 minutes. Let’s get started on the entree!

Snap! You’re out of a key ingredient! What to do?!?

Chicken Broth: Even though this is a pretty standard kitchen staple, you may find yourself out of it at a mission critical cooking stage. Try an equal portion of beer instead. You’ll get virtually the same effect.

Eggs: Seriously? Did you look at your ingredient list? You’re out of eggs? Okay, don’t panic. Just mash half a banana with 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and you’ll get the same result as eggs would give you.

Honey: We got choo! Combine 1.25 cups white sugar with 1/3 cup water and voila! You’ve got honey, Honey!

Vegetable oil: You’re prepping the cupcake batter and you’re out of oil! Drat! Just drop in an equal amount of applesauce and you’re set!

Fresh herbs: You can substitute dried herbs for fresh ones, as long as you remember the golden herb rule: 1 Tbs fresh = 1 tsp dried. Dried herbs are much more pungent than fresh, so don’t overdose!

Now, get in that kitchen and bake us a pie!

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