Organize an Office Sports League
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Organize an Office Sports League

Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean what it used to. During college it was relaxing by the pool with the buddies, not a care in the world. Actually, for some of us, it meant that after graduating, too. But now you’re grown up, and instead of lounging with a drink in hand, you’re handing in reports to your boss.

Since you’re missing that prime-pool time, how about a little fun with a sports league for the office? You can build morale while taking out some of your frustration by swinging a bat or kicking a soccer ball. It’s not too hard to get a team together, and as you have probably figured out by now, we’ve got a few tips.

The first thing to do is poll the office and see who is interested and what sport you want to play. Softball is popular because people of all athletic ability can enjoy taking a few swings in a game of slow pitch. If your office is full of energetic young pups, then you could do a basketball, kickball or soccer league. Check around local business associations or YMCA leagues and get the rules on forming a team. Depending on the size of your office, you may want to consider forming several teams by department.

Once you have your league information, figure out how much equipment you’re going to need. Talk to your coworkers and see if anyone has anything they could donate. Some sports, such as arena soccer, will not require much, but if you choose a sport like softball you will need a considerable amount of equipment to be able to play and practice. Talk to your boss, and maybe the office will help front the fees.

Try and make your team about having fun, not winning (yeah, yeah, we know winning is fun, too). Print up some team shirts and put nicknames on the back. End your practices with a fun game with a prize. For example, if you’re playing softball, have everyone spin around the bat five times then try to hit five pitches, the winner being who hits the ball the farthest gets a gift card. At the end of the season, give out trophies to everyone, and throw in a few booby prizes as well.

If you can’t find a league to join and don’t want to start one, consider rounding up some people for a game of basketball every other weekend. There are plenty of options for relieving some stress besides going to the pool. Let us know if you have any tips for starting a league team!

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