The Best Places to Watch a Fourth of July Fireworks Show
The Best Places to Watch a Fourth of July Fireworks Show

Getting out and watching the Fourth of July fireworks is a tradition upheld in nearly every American city. Even the tiniest of towns will have some type of celebration and fireworks display. But this year, we wanted to know who had the best of the best. Where could we go to see some of the greatest fireworks shows in the country? We did some research, which means we Googled for a long time, and while we’re still not pyrotechnically savvy, we think we found the biggest and baddest celebrations in the U.S.:

Fort Bragg Fireworks
These shows are, after-all, in celebration of our independence, right? So why not get together at the nation’s largest military base and join in what would surely be a lively celebration? It’s also a long one, lasting over an hour. So pack up your bags and head on down to North Carolina.

Mount Rushmore Fireworks
The show has been canceled for the past few years due to the risk of forrest fires, but if you hear that it’s on, go. What could be greater than watching a massive fireworks show over a mountain with four great American presidents carved into it?

Over the Hudson in New York City
This show steps it up a notch with a show over the Hudson River. Last year they set off 40,000 shells at a rate of over 1,500 per minute for 26 straight minutes. They claim to use 55 times the amount of fireworks of a traditional show. These pyrotechnics also shoot the fireworks upwards of 1,000 feet in the air, giving spectators many more options on viewing locations.

Las Vegas Strip
If the bright lights of New York don’t do it for you, how about…Vegas? Sure. Why not make a weekend out of a Fourth of July with some good shows and a little gambling? The casinos go all out to entertain their guests and have shows to match.

New Orleans
For nearly 20 years this city has been lighting up the sky in celebration of our nation’s birthday. It’s actually ranked 5th best display according to the American Pyrotechnic Association, but we say with all there is to do in New Orleans for celebrating, it’s 5th in the list, but 1st in our hearts. If you ever get a chance, check out the city’s “Go 4th on the River” celebration.

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