Tried and true: How to work smart, not hard
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Tried and true: How to work smart, not hard

Growing up, every child loathes having to do their chores, and more often than not they try to come up with reasons to get out of them. It’s usually at this point when mom and pops lay down the law, along with some wisdom in the form of a tried and true saying.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

“Haste makes waste”

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

At the time these sayings were nothing more than a reminder that we were not doing what we wanted to be doing. But now that we’re older and have our own responsibilities some of those old sayings could come in handy, especially during these summer months when we have so much to do. Here are a few ways for you to “work smart, not hard” this summer:

“Measure it twice, cut it once”
If you have to build anything, this tip can save you a lot of time and money. Whether you’re building a birdhouse or a gazebo, make sure you plan your project meticulously and think about it from every angle. Having a plan written down will help you buy the appropriate amount of materials, prevent waste and save you time. There’s nothing worse than realizing a piece of wood for your project was cut just short of what you need, so be sure to measure it twice.

“The lazy person must work twice”
Sure, when you were building that really fancy gazebo or deck, you were creating something with your hands and your confidence was flying high. You didn’t really care that you were killing the grass with your mess or that you were going to have to pick up all of those scrap pieces you were tossing to the side. Now that your project is complete, you have an entirely new one: Clean-up. Yep. We’ve all done it. Be smart and clean up as you go to save yourself the incredibly huge task of cleaning up a full day’s mess at sunset.

“You got it out, you can put it up”
Yes, you’ve put in a long day and you’re tired, but when you’re working outside don’t wait until dark to put all of your tools away! If you do, you’re certainly going to lose one or two, and the next time you see it will be when you see the neighbors dog chewing it up or when you hit it with the lawnmower. Tools equal money, and no one likes to throw away money.

“Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets”
Duh. This one is pretty self explanatory, we just thought it was kind of funny.

“When in doubt, get the Yellow Pages out”
You might be quite handy, but just because you cleaned the shower drain doesn’t mean you’re a plumber and that time you checked the breaker box didn’t make you an electrician. Water damages get expensive, and working with electricity is dangerous, so if it involves either, you shouldn’t be. Call a pro.

Did we miss any good sayings or tips? Probably, but hey, it’s sunny outside and we got stuff to do! Let us know your favorite handy sayings!

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