How to create your own patio paradise
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How to create your own patio paradise

When it comes to your outdoor space, a little character goes a long way. You can turn a boring patio into a private entertainment utopia with one weekend of hard work and a little ingenuity. The problem for most of us is finding the inspiration and the time to do these weekend projects. If you can clear your calendar, here are a few ideas to jump start your creative juices.

No matter how small your space there are ways to give it a sense of enclosure and make it unique. If you have an apartment or condo with a patio, consider a privacy screen attachment. You can build your own, but they are also very affordable at most home improvement stores. Consider placing a climbing plant at the base of your screen to add interest and beauty (we like moonflowers and mandevilla vines). If your patio has railing you could build these easy planters, which can be used for herbs. Pick up a nice park bench and a few plants and you have just created your own patio paradise.

However, if you have a larger space you’re going to need to do a little more. Let’s combine some of the ideas from the smaller space and build a planter box bench. You will not believe how easy it is to build, and your friends will be impressed with your handywork. Do some research to see what type of box and bench combo you want to build. Plans are readily available online and in books at home improvement stores. These types of benches can be used on decks or on patios, and are excellent for entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, who doesn’t love a little conversation around the fire? With a free-standing fire pit you can bring the campfire to your backdoor. These easy additions start at $75 and will help make use of your space even on those cool spring and fall nights. Not all conversations are fireside chat worthy, so consider creating conversation areas away from your main space as well. A tree wrap-around bench can make a natural retreat in your backyard.

The best outdoor spaces will create the feeling of enclosure, privacy and beauty without being cluttered, and are essentially outdoor rooms. One excellent way to achieve this is adding a pergola. These easy-to-build structures are affordable, can be completed in a single day and add elegance to your property. Plans are readily available online and with the help of a friend or two you’ll have turned your home into the ultimate entertainment spot a single day.

We want to see where you relax outdoors! Please tweet us a few photos!

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