How to have fun and build camaraderie with your co-workers
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How to have fun and build camaraderie with your co-workers

You clock in, go to a few meetings, sit at your desk, have a little water-cooler talk and clock out. Tomorrow, repeat steps one through three, add in a lunch with a client, repeat steps four and five. A few variations of these steps can make up our entire work week.

If you do this routine from your college graduation until you’re 65, you’ll spend 10 years at work (relax, we’re not going to ask you to check our math, just go with it). With all that time spent with your coworkers, let’s throw a wrench in the spokes of that hamster wheel and have some fun for a weekend.

The are a lot of benefits to planning a weekend trip among your coworkers- you’ll decrease stress levels, build camaraderie among your group and increase morale. The problem can be deciding how to accomplish all of this and getting the funding and cooperation from management. Before you try and convince the boss that this trip is for the good of the company, you’ll need some ammunition. Well, here ya go:

Our biggest recommendation is to make this event completely non-work related (you know, besides that fact that it’s for your coworkers). That means no meetings or performance pep talks – this is about employee appreciation. Some companies like to do “retreats,” which is just “the office minus the office” if you ask us. When planning, keep in mind you’re strengthening your team by building their relationships with each other.

If you have a large number of employees, a weekend picnic might be a better solution than a weekend trip. Be open and invite everyone’s families and encourage them to bring the kids. Heck, they should even bring their dogs. You can go field day style and introduce some friendly competition, or do a “lei’d back” luau. We’ve already compiled a list of insanely fun games, party tips and menu ideas. Toss in a raffle for a day off along with a few other prizes to get everyone’s attention. A weekend picnic is a great way to let people come and go as they please and requires less planning than a trip.

But, having said that, we still love the idea of weekend trip. Just start brainstorming options with a few people and you’ll be surprised how many ideas you come up with. You could camp, bike, hike, kayak or canoe, do a themepark or waterpark, travel to a winery or a baseball game. No matter where you live there are dozens of options of short trips you can make with your coworkers. On camping trips, nothing says “I appreciate your hard work” like waking up to the boss frying up some bacon and eggs over a fire. Don’t do the outdoors? You can still provide breakfast for everyone. It’s the little things that count.

Let us know how you and your coworkers cut loose and relax!

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