Ideas on how to bring summer to the office
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Ideas on how to bring summer to the office

Sure, we love our job, but even here in our laid-back office we get that longing to be in the sun. Some mornings you just want to push the dress shoes aside, put on those flip-flops and head to the nearest body of water. Well, snap out of it and come back to reality. Most of us are going to be spending our 9 to 5s indoors, so we must find ways to bring summer inside the office.

The first move for us was to setup a little summer decor. It’s surprising how fun a small bobble-head hula girl and an inflatable palm tree can make your work space. How about setting out a few framed photos of your favorite beach trip, or changing your computer’s screen saver to that automated paradise setting? While it seems like a cruel reminder of places you are not, these small efforts are good morale boosters for you and anyone who walks past your desk.

Beyond your desk there are several other ways to make work more fun. Talk to the boss and see how they feel about having an office luau. Nothing boosts morale like being allowed to wear a Hawaiian shirt to work and drink a beer or a glass of wine at the end of the week. We like to decorate the office, fill up an inflatable pool with ice and drinks, hand out leis and play some summer games. Employees will be telling their friends about what a good time they had at work instead of how many TPS reports they had to file this week.

The reality is that some of us work in places that we can’t setup a 6′ tall inflatable palm tree or convince the boss to allow the occasional kiddy pool full of drinks at the end of the work day. If that’s you, consider rounding up your coworkers for a trip down to the local watering hole for drinks on the patio, or organize an after-work luau for everyone. These type of events are important to help build morale on your team and keep everyone relaxed.

Got a summer-themed office space? We would love to see photos, so comment and leave us a link to your photo!

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