Quirk up your Labor Day travels with these quirky travel destinations
Quirk up your Labor Day travels with these quirky travel destinations

Every summer holiday we do the same thing – there’s a cookout that you’re either hosting or attending, the family comes, you eat too many hotdogs and someone spends the next 24 hours cleaning up and swearing this is the last year they are hosting. Well Labor Day is not too far away, so let’s just go ahead and say, “Not this year!” and make some plans.

Since we’re bucking ordinary, let’s go for extraordinary. Sometimes we need to be humbled by nature’s beauty, and nothing can do that like a trip to one of nature’s wonders, such as the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone Park. But other times – like right now – we need to surprise ourselves with something extraordinarily strange. We have a list of such places, and Yellowstone is not on the list.

Here’s our list of five must-see quirky road trip destinations:

Kansas Fossil Hunts
Remember the scene in Jurassic Park where they are searching for dinosaur fossils? Well, this is actually a lot like that, minus Jeff Goldbum and the live velociraptors. At Keystone Gallery, they’ll shuttle you to the fossil beds, teach you how to hunt and you’re guaranteed to bring something back. Some people bring back sharks teeth, fish jaws and other types of bones, which may or may not sound cool to you.

Crazy Car Art
When on a road trip you’re bound to see some lousy parking jobs, but even a triple parked conversion van can’t top Cadillac Ranch or Carhenge. In Amarillo, Texas you’ll find 10 Cadillacs, placed nose down in the ground. Not only is this art installation strange, you’re encouraged to deface it. Bring your own can of paint and leave your mark. Carhenge is exactly what it sounds like -Âa replica of Stonehenge, built out of automobiles. This wacky stop is location in Nebraska.

Professor Cline’s Attractions
Do you see those Big Foot siting stories and want to grab your hunting gear? Of course you do, and Mark Cline is here to help with his array of all things wild and crazy, including a “Hunt Big Foot with a Redneck Tour.” In addition to his monster hunt, he runs Dinosaur Kingdom, FoamHenge, Ghost Tours and several other abstract attractions.

Vent Haven Museum
If you’re really looking for a bizarre destination, Roadside America called this one “disturbing.” Just south of Cincinnati, Ohio in Kentucky, this is the world’s only ventriloquism museum. There’s over 700 figures on display, so don’t be surprised if your kids come up to you and say, “I hear voices…”

Cockroach Hall of Fame
If you’ve ever had a desire to see dead bugs dressed as celebrities and historical figures, this is your place. We’re not going, but the idea of “Liberoachi” sitting at a tiny grand piano is kind of funny.

Is that five already? Hmm. We haven’t even gotten to the Frozen Dead Guy Festival or the World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum. Visit the Legends of America website for other quirky destinations and let us know what your favorite quirky one is.

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