How to boost office morale before the long Labor Day weekend
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How to boost office morale before the long Labor Day weekend

The truth is, as much as we love our jobs here at RELAXNation, even we are looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend. So we know people in more stressful jobs are certainly ready for it. We’ve worked up a great way to help your office wind down and it will help boost morale at the same time: Throw a party!

Were you surprised? No. That doesn’t surprise us, but it’s a great idea! It gets better, too. You could go with a luau or something tropical, but since we appreciate irony we’re thinking an office-themed office party. Trust us, it’s gonna be awesome.

Don’t tell everyone about the party. Have the boss call a late company-wide meeting. Then, in a serious tone, kick off the long weekend with a toast. Now, enter you and your fellow party-planners with a few coolers, and you can thank everyone for their hard work with some drinks and food.

The fun doesn’t stop with beer, a little wine and cookie cake. We have a game, too! Remember pin the tail on the donkey? Well, how about pin the tail on the boss? Print out a few different heads of bosses from your favorite TV shows (our favorites are Michael Scott from “The Office” and The Donald from “The Apprentice”) and place them on donkeys.

If you really want to surprise everyone, print up your boss’ head and place it on a donkey as well (evaluate your boss’ level of self-deprecation before going for this one).

Give away a prize, like a bottle of wine wrapped up in a TPS report, for whomever does the best. Go ahead and give the boss a bottle for being a good sport and playing along with your shenanigans.

Events like this make your workers proud to be a part of such a fun company and will give the company happier, and therefore more productive, employees. If you throw an office party, please share photos with us!

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