What does your office space say about you? More than you might think
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What does your office space say about you? More than you might think

Whether you have a cramped cubicle or comfy corner office, your space says a lot about you. Don’t think so? Think about this:

Picture a desk loaded down with clay creations, macaroni art and crayon-colored masterpieces? Definitely a proud parent (or maybe an obscure art lover).

See someone flying sports flags, displaying trophies and framed newspaper clippings from a championship game played a decade ago? Sports nut. Be careful about small talk before an upcoming game or the day after a big loss.

The coworker whose computer gets lost among mounds of tribal art, a huge globe and framed photos of him with a fly fishing guide in the jungles of Thailand? Seasoned world traveler. Don’t even think about asking how their vacation went, unless you enjoy spending your lunch break hearing how the natives prepared and served a goat and oxtail dinner.

OK, maybe that example is a bit extreme, but just barely. How you present yourself at work is important, and it goes beyond which tie or blouse you choose every morning. Your workspace is a reflection of you and should be more than a leaning tower of pizza boxes and this week’s collection of soda cans.

So clean it up! Show some style and most importantly, a little bit of you! If you’re that world traveler don’t be afraid to put out a few photos and maybe some of that hand-carved art (just don’t go overboard). Did your kid create the cutest penguin to ever be crafted out of clay? Show it off.

Most of us are spending 40 hours a week at work, so whether it means setting out a few photos of the family, buying a Beta fish or a even a cactus, do something that makes your space your own.

What sets your space apart from the rest? We want to see where you work! Tweet us your photos!

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