Fun and Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy
Fun and Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Halloween is all about the treats! But with tons of sugar and empty calories, treats aren’t exactly nice to us. Ugh. We know it’s a bummer.

So how do you cut out the bad treats, ex. candy, on Halloween when everyone expects it? And how do you make sure everyone’s happy with your alternatives? Well, you give them something event better. Hand out items from our list of alternatives and you’ll surely delight your trick-or-treaters and their parents alike.

Fun and Healthy Alternatives to Halloween candy:

Assorted small toys. Look for ghosts, skeletons, spiders etc. at a party supply store. (Be careful not to hand out small toys to young children)

Halloween themed mini coloring books

Mini packs of crayons

Stickers (kids love ‘em!)

Pencils, pens, erasers (sounds lame, but kids love this stuff. Again, look for them in a Halloween theme)

Bubbles (look for the mini-bottles)

Temporary tattoos

Jewelry for the girls (inexpensive rings, necklaces and bracelets)

Other fun stuff kids love: yoyos, bouncy balls, hacky sacs, mini frisbees

Other important things to note:

Be sure not to pass out choking hazards to very young children. It’s helpful to have two bags of goodies, one for big kids, one for small.

Avoid healthy snacks like nuts or granola bars as your treat. Many kiddos also have nut allergies. (You don’t want to wake up to a toilet papered house on the 1st, now do you?)

Check out our other list of pointers for Halloween night!

And finally, if you have other alternatives that have worked well, please share below!

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