Houses of Horror: 13 Must-see haunted attractions
Houses of Horror: 13 Must-see haunted attractions

Nothing says Halloween like candy, right?

No! Nothing says Halloween like being terrified by gruesome ghouls, horrifying hobgoblins and vicious vampires! That’s why we love haunted houses; after all, as long as you remember these are regular people just trying to scare you, it’s fun… right?

Given that we love a good old fashioned terrorizing stroll through an empty warehouse, we rounded up 13 of the best haunted attractions in the US. Leave us a comment and let us know if you’ve visited any or if there are any we’ve missed!

Woods of Terror | Greensboro, N.C.
10 attractions to scare the pants off you, and one of them is called “Blackbeard’s Revenge.” Think you can outrun a peg-legged pirate? Think again.

House of Horrors | Buffalo, New York
This one plays host to several terrifying attractions, such as “The Body Harvesters” and the “Gas Chamber.” Their monsters are on display on their web page, and if they’re anything like their ugly mugs, this one should be interesting.

The TerrorFest | Columbus, Ohio
The creators of this haunted story have cashed in $250,000 to create a horrifying experience. Some of the actor’s masks cost thousands of dollars, which will probably be the last thing on your mind as you try to escape the fictional character,The Brewery Butcher, as he tries to make you his 39th victim.

Thrillvania | Dallas, Texas
This one is hailed as one of “America’s Scariest Haunted Attractions” by The Travel Channel and made the top of nearly every other list out there. With eight horrifying attractions, this one might be the biggest scream in Texas.

Terror on the Fox | Green Bay, Wisconsin
If you want to experience complete “pandemonium” Terror on the Fox features a maze, crazed carnies and an attraction that will take you back to school, if you went to school in a place where detention and being singled out in front of your peers are far from your biggest concerns…

Eastern State Penitentiary | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Once a real penitentiary, this attraction’s “Terror Behind the Walls” has been called “perfect for Halloween” by The New York Times.

Nightmare New England | Litchfield, New Hampshire
“I went last year and I almost peed my pants because I was so scared,” – Sheena, an attendee from last year. Yep. That about says it all.

Haunting on the Hill | Patterson, New York
Complete with a hayride, “demonic” village and tons of devoted actors who have one mission: To scare you to near-death.

The 13th Door | Denver, Colorado
Rated one of the best in the country by Reader’s Digest, this group attributes its scares to its quality actors. “High-tech effects, lights and sounds help, but they are not a substitute for a live person when it comes to surprising you,” according to their website.

Bennett’s Curse | Jessup, Maryland
This one will make grown men cry. No really, take it from Mark: “I was so scared I cried a little bit, and I am a very masculine man.” Even their website is scary.

Indy Scream Park | Anderson, Indiana
This one is not only one of the best, it’s produced by the best. Haunted Attraction Magazine and HauntedHouse.com came together to make five absolutely terrifying attractions.

Haunted Montrose | Montrose, Georgia
This one is rated one of the best in Georgia. Loved by adults, probably because they handle your screaming kids pretty well – they have a room just for them. A room for safe-keeping that is. Not more scaring.

Night Terrors Haunted House | Jacksonville, Florida
This monstrous attraction features over 50 actors and 30,000 square feet of horror. “It’s like being inside of a living horror film,” they claim. You know, for those of us who wish it’d come true when we say, “and that’s how a horror movie starts.”

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